Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are these new booklets different from others available?

A. The new Senior Health & Wellness Guide booklets are published by American Custom Publishing (ACP), an award-winning 28-year-old company that specializes in custom health education publications for older adults. ACP is best-known for its popular senior health education calendar programs—visit for details. The company has years of experience producing evidence-based, low-cost “senior-friendly” health publications.

All Senior Health & Wellness Guide booklets feature two color-coded sections for easy use: the My Health Record section includes pages for writing personal health information; the Staying Healthy section has pages with key senior health reference information.

Q. What do you mean when you say the booklets are “CMS-Compliant?” 

A. ACP’s new Senior Health & Wellness Guides are the only booklets of their kind to meet all CMS/Medicare guidelines for communications, sales/marketing, and senior health/wellness priorities. They are also the only booklets of their kind that follow the National Institute on Aging’s guidelines for preparing effective health education materials for seniors.

Q. What about the free business card holders included with booklet orders?

A. These unique business card holders, included free with your order, feature your key contact information on the front covers of your booklets -- and seen every time seniors use their health booklets. Our business card holders allow you to “personalize” every copy of your booklets for staff members, referral sources, and others who work with older adults in your organization.

Business Card Holders

 Q. I am interested in ordering the booklets, but may I see a sample first?

A. Yes. Please contact us to request a free review copy. E-mail: with your name, title, company name, address, e-mail and phone, and which booklet edition you would like to preview. Or, click one of the links below to preview a PDF copy of each booklet:

Senior Health & Wellness Guide — General Edition

Senior Health & Wellness Guide — Fall Prevention Edition

Senior Health & Wellness Guide — Using Medications Wisely Edition 

Q. Can the booklets be customized with my own program information?

A. Yes, the booklets are designed with a “modular” format for easy personalization. Custom booklet options include your own 4-color front and back covers (for orders of 1,000+ booklets), and your own content on the inside booklet pages (for orders of 3,000+ booklets).

Q. Can I order more than one booklet edition and get a quantity discount for the combined total order?

A. Yes. Contact us for the discounts available if you would like to order 2 or all 3 of the booklet editions and get a discount for the combined total quantity: or 1-800-828-8225 (weekdays 9-5 Central time)

Q. Are there other booklet editions available?

A. There are currently three Senior Health & Wellness Guide editions—General, Fall Prevention, and Using Medications Wisely. Future editions available later this year include: Heart Health, Brain Fitness, and Caregiving.

Q. May I return the booklets if I’m not satisfied?

A. Yes, you may return your booklets in good condition within 10 days of receipt and receive a full refund (less shipping costs). Booklet editions with custom covers and personalized inside pages may not be returned.

Questions About Our New Senior Health & Wellness Guide Booklets?

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